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Powered by the brightest algo traders in the world through TKB , our community governance token.


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Web3 Algorithmic Trading Desk

Are you an algorithmic trader?

Join the TokenBot Discord community. Discover and learn from the best algorithmic traders in the world.
  • Apply for funding for your algorithmic strategies up to $100,000 USD approved by the TokenBot DAO.
  • Earn profits in TKB, our algorithmic stablecoin issued by the TokenBot DAO.
  • Be eligible for weekly rewards and airdrops in TKB.

DAO Governance

TKB is a community-owned governance token operated by the TokenBot DAO.
Every quarter, the profits generated by the trading desk is used to purchase and burn TKB tokens subject to DAO voting period.

Any surplus in profits may be redeemed by TKB holders through claims. Additionally, performance fees are paid out pro-rata to the owners of the algorithmic strategies running on the desk.
We aim to have a simple and easy way for anyone to participate in the TokenBot ecosystem.
  • Proposals for adding or removing an algorithmic strategies from the fund.
  • Burning TKB tokens and distributing performance every month or quarter.
  • Approval of treasury funds for marketing initiatives (i.e. airdrops, competitions).
  • Redemptions on profits earned by the desk from the treasury.
Upcoming Token Launch

Token Distribution and Allocation

The total supply of TKB is permanently fixed at 1 billion tokens.
Minting capability :
None is exposed through the contract interface, therefore the total supply will never increase.
Burning capability :
None is exposed through the contract interface. Burning can only be done by sending tokens to a burn address.
Locked tokens:
Tokens will be unlocked over a period of 36 months, in accordance with the predetermined unlock schedule in the chart below, starting on July 1st, 2022.


Community and the legacy holders.
500,000,000 tokens to our liquidity pools on Balancer and Uniswap.
Token launch on Copper via Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool.
10,000,000 tokens to legacy holders.
all unlocked for claim at launch.


DAO treasury, trading desk funds and marketing initiatives
297,000,000 tokens to DAO treasury for trading desk funds and marketing initiatives.
148,500,000 unlocked at launch, then 4,125,000.00 unlocked per month for 36 months.


The founders and early contributors behind TokenBot.
*7% worth of TokenBot founders are being donated to various charities and foundations over the next 36 months.
142,000,000 tokens to launch contributors. Lockup schedules vary by contributor but fall into one of the following:
  • Initial lock-up for 12 months, then 3,944,444.44 unlocked per month for 36 months.


Early investors in TokenBot equity rounds.
51,000,000 tokens to founders of TokenBot
Initial lock-up for 12 months, then 1,416,666.67 unlocked per month for 36 months